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React Table Changelog


  • Fixed a regression where @scarf/scarf was somehow removed from the package dependencies


  • Fixed an issue where unnecessary documentation dependencies were added when installing the library
  • Fixed an issue where the scripts directory was not added to the npm package on build


  • Fixed an issue where the internal flexRenderer would not work correctly in production due to the strangest friggin' minification bug I've ever encountered. 🤷‍♂️


  • Added the value property to cell renderers so that destructurin the value from the cell property is now not necessary. This should help with people migrating from v6 and also just to cut down on noise in cell renderers
  • Fixed an issue where rollup would not build correctly
  • Fixed an issue where a page index of -1 would result in an error

7.0.0 🎉

  • Fixed an issue where page options array could be empty
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate columns would be silently deduped. There is now a warning when duplicate columns are found based on their IDs
  • Moved some functions around so they will get treeshaked with their respective plugins that use them.
  • Fixed an issue where filters, sorting, or grouping changes would not reset pagination
  • Added table and column level options for disabling global filters
  • Fixed an issue where row selection was not deselecting rows
  • Fixed an issue where flex table rendering was not giving the table a minimum width with necessary
  • Fixed an issue where row selection would not work when using other row-transformative plugins like filters or grouping
  • Fixed an issue where header groups were not memoized correctly


  • Moved away from snapshot tests. No more testing implementation details.
  • Added visibleColumns and visibleColumnsDeps hooks to manipulate columns after all data is processed. Further visibility processing may result in these columns not being visible, such as hiddenColumn state
  • The useRows hook has been deprecated due to its dangerous nature 💀
  • Added the instance.rowsById object
  • Renamed instance.flatColumns to instance.allColumns which now accumulates ALL columns created for the table, visible or not.
  • Added the instance.visibleColumns object
  • Fix an issue where useAsyncDebounce would crash when passed arguments
  • Started development on the usePivotColumns plugin, which can be tested currently using the _UNSTABLE_usePivotColumns export.
  • Renamed cell.isRepeatedValue to cell.isPlaceholder
  • Removed useConsumeHookGetter as it was inefficient most of the time and noisy
  • All hooks are now "consumed" right after main plugin functions are run. This means that any attempt to add a plugin after that will result in a runtime error (for good reason, since using hook points should not be a conditional or async operation)
  • Added instance.getHooks for getting the list of hooks that was captured after plugins are run
  • Normalized all "toggle" actions to use an optional value property to set the value instead of toggle. Previously properties like selected, groupBy, etc. were used, but not any more!
  • Undocument instance.dispatch. Both plugins and users should be interacting with the table via methods assigned to the instance and other structures on the table. This should both reduce the surface API that React Table needs to expose and also the amount of documentation that is needed to understand how to use the API.
  • useRowState's initialRowStateAccessor and initialCellStateAccessor options now have a default of row => ({}) and cell => ({}) respectively.
  • Removed the concept of complex aggregations (eg. column.aggregate = ['sum', 'count']). Instead, a better aggregation function signature is now used to allow for leaf node aggregation when needed.
  • Added the column.aggregateValue option which allows resolving (or pre-aggregating) a cell's value before it is grouped and aggregated across rows. This is useful for cell values that are not primitive, eg. an array of values that you may want to unique and count before summing that count across your groupings
  • The function signature for aggregation functions has changed to be (leafValues, aggregatedValues) => aggregatedValue where leafValues is a flat array containing all leaf rows currently grouped at the aggregation level and aggregatedValues is an array containing the aggregated values from the immediate child sub rows. Each has purpose in the types of aggregations they power where optimizations are made for either accuracy or performance.
  • Fixed an issue where setGlobalFilter was not a stable callback
  • Added a Bootstrap UI example
  • Added fixed with column support for useFlexLayout
  • Fixed an issue where manualGlobalFilter was not resetting pagination properly
  • Fixed an issue where useGlobalFilter could be placed after usePagination
  • Added the sort order direction as a parameter to the sortMethod function
  • Fixed an issue where user filter types were not being referenced correctly
  • Renamed the row.getExpandedToggleProps to row.getToggleRowExpandedProps
  • Renamed the row.toggleExpanded method to row.toggleRowExpanded
  • Added the instance.toggleRowExpanded and instance.toggleAllRowsExpanded methods
  • Added the instance.getToggleAllRowsExpandedProps prop getter
  • Added the instance.filteredRowsById property
  • Added the instance.preFilteredRowsById property
  • useFilters now properly updates the instance.rowsById property
  • Added the instance.globalFilteredRowsById property
  • Added the instance.preGlobalFilteredRowsById property
  • useGlobalFilter now properly updates the instance.rowsById property
  • Added the instance.nonGroupedFlatRows property
  • Added the instance.nonGroupedRowsById property
  • Added the instance.onlyGroupedFlatRows property
  • Added the instance.onlyGroupedRowsById property
  • Improved the api around ensuring plugin ordering
  • Added more plugin order rules to avoid strange plugin integration results


  • Added useGlobalFilter hook for performing table-wide filtering
  • Filter function signature has changed to supply an array of column IDs (to support both the tranditional single column style and the new multi-column search style introduced with useGlobalFilter).
  • Removed the column parameter from the filter function signature as it was unused and no longer made sense with the array of IDs change above.
  • Updated the filtering example to use a global filter in addition to the column filters


  • Changed the function signature for all propGetter hooks to accept a single object of named meta properties instead of a variable length of meta arguments. The user props object has also been added as a property to all prop getters. For example, hooks.getRowProps.push((props, instance, row) => [...]) is now written hooks.getRowProps.push((props, { instance, row, userProps }) => [...])
  • Changed the function signature for all reduceHooks accept a single object of named meta properties instead of a variable length of meta arguments. For example, hooks.flatColumns.push((flatColumns, instance) => flatColumns) is now written hooks.flatColumns.push((flatColumns, { instance }) => flatColumns)
  • Changed the function signature for all loopHooks accept a single object of named meta properties instead of a variable length of meta arguments. For example, hooks.prepareRow.push((row, instance) => void) is now written hooks.prepareRow.push((row, { instance }) => void)


  • Added the useControlledState hook for plugins to manipulate the final state of the table similar to how users can
  • Fixed an issue where column hiding wasn't working properly.


  • Fixed an issue where removing a grouped column would result in a crash


  • Fixed an issue where plugins using the columns hook were not getting decorated properly
  • Added back a new rendition of the useFlexLayout plugin and accompanying example.
  • Fixed all reset actions to use the initial state passed into the table, then fall back to the default initial state for the hook


  • Optimizations made to make accessors, prop getters and other internals much faster. 10x in some cases!
  • Fixed docs for usePagination to have pageIndex and pageSize only available on the state object, not the instance
  • Added a plugin order restriction to make sure useResizeColumns always comes before useAbsoluteLayout
  • Fixed the useFinalInstance hook to not have an empty array as the first meta argument passed.
  • Fixed an issue where memoized or ref-forwarded components could not be used as cell renderers
  • The toggleExpandedById action has been renamed to toggleExpanded
  • Added the toggleAllExpanded action
  • Added the setExpanded action
  • Changed row.isAggregated to row.isGrouped
  • state.expanded and state.selectedRowIds are now objects ({[rowId]: Bool}), not arrays. This should help with mid-to-large size datasets while also being serializable (instead of a Set(), which is not as reliable)
  • state.filters is now an array of objects ({id, value}). Since filters do have order and can be applied incrementally, it should be an array to ensure correct order.
  • Moved the flatColumns and flatColumnsDeps hooks to be after row/data materialization. These hooks can then manipulate the flatColumns object after all data has been accessed without triggering row materialization again.
  • Added the row.allCells property and the cellColumns reducer hook to determine which cells to create for each row. These cells are placed into row.allCells. The resulting cell array is not meant to be used for display in templating and is only made available for convenience and/or advanced templating.
  • Added the cells reducer hook to determine which cells from the row.allCells array that should be placed into row.cells. The resulting cell array is the one that is intended for display in templating.
  • Reducers are now passed the actual instance variable, not the instanceRef
  • Added the makeRenderer utility (also exported)
  • Removed column.groupByBoundary functionality. If needed, use the flatColumns hook to decorate, reorganize or re-order groupBy columns
  • Fixed grouped's to be truly unique


  • Fixed an issue where dependency hooks were not being reduced properly, thus the table would rerender unnecessarily
  • Renamed toggleRowSelectedAll to toggleAllRowsSelected. Duh...
  • Added an indeterminate boolean prop to the default props for row selection toggle prop getters
  • Renamed selectedRowPaths to selectedRowIds, which also no longer contains paths, but row IDs
  • Grouped or nested row selection actions and state are now derived, instead of tracked in state.
  • Rows now have a new property called id, which existed before and was derived from the getRowId option
  • Rows now also have an isSomeSelected prop when using the useRowSelect hook, which denotes that at least one subRow is selected (if applicable)
  • Rows' path property has been deprecated in favor of id
  • Expanded state is now tracked with row IDs instead of paths
  • RowState is now tracked with row IDs instead of paths
  • toggleExpandedByPath has been renamed to toggleExpandedById, and thus accepts a row ID now, instead of a row path


  • Fix an issue where useResizeColumns would crash when using the resizer prop getter
  • Fix an issue where useBlockLayout was clobbering props sent to headers



  • applyHooks (exported but undocumented) function has been deprecated. Please use either reduceHooks or loopHooks utilities in your custom plugins now.
  • applyPropHooks (exported but undocumented) function has been deprecated. Please use the makePropGetter utility in your custom plugins now.


  • reduceHooks exported utility which is used to reduce a value through a collection of hooks. Each hook must return a value (mutation is discouraged)
  • loopHooks exported utility which is used to loop over a collection of hooks. Hooks are not allowed to return a value (mutation is encouraged)
  • makePropGetter exported utility which is used to create prop getters from a prop getter hook.
  • useOptions plugin hook, which allows a plugin to reduce/modify the initial options being passed to the table
  • useFinalInstance plugin hook, which allows a plugin access to the final table instance before it is returned to the user.


  • Prop-getter hook functions now support returning an array (in addition to the typical object of props). When an array is returned, each item in the array is smart-merged into a new props object (meaning it will intelligently compose and override styles and className)
  • Prop-getter function supplied to the table have 2 new overloaded options (in addition to the typical object of props):
    • Function(props, instance, ...row/col/context) => Array<props> | props - If a function is passed to a prop getter function, it will receive the previous props, the table instance, and potentially more context arguments. It is then be expected to return either an array of new props (to be smart-merged with styles and classes, the latest values taking priority over the previous values) or a props object (which will replace all previous props)
    • Array<props> - If an array is passed to a prop getter function, each prop object in the array will be smart-merged with styles and classes into the props from previous hooks (with the latest values taking priority over the previous values).
  • Extracted default hooks into separate file.
  • Converted almost all usages of instanceRef.current to use useGetLatest(instanceRef.current) to help with avoiding memory leaks and to be more terse.
  • Converted all previous prop-getter definitions to use the new makePropGetter
  • Reorganized plugin hooks to declare as many hooks in the main plugin function as opposed to in the useInstance hook.
  • Changed the useInstanceBeforeDimensions hook to be a loopHooks call instead of a reducer. An error will be thrown now if any of these hook functions returns a value (to encourage mutation of the instance)
  • Changed the useInstance hook to be a loopHooks call instead of a reducer. An error will be thrown now if any of these hook functions returns a value (to encourage mutation of the instance)
  • Change the prepareRow hook to be a loopHooks call instead of a reducer. An error will be thrown now if any of these hook functions returns a value (to encourage mutation of the row)


  • The columnsBeforeHeaderGroups and columnsBeforeHeaderGroupsDeps hooks have been renamed to flatColumns and flatColumnsDeps respectively, which better reflects what they are used for, rather than their order, which can remain implicit.
  • Added headerGroups and headerGroupDeps hooks, which, similar to flatColumns, allow you to decorate (and trigger) the memoized header group generation.
  • Added columns and columnsDeps hooks, which, similar to flatColumns and headerGroups, allow you to decorate (and trigger) the memoized column generation/decoration.
  • The new hook order is as follows: columns/columnsDeps => flatColumns/flatColumnsDeps => headerGroups/headerGroupsDeps
  • useColumnVisibility now uses the new headerGroupsDeps hook to trigger header group regeneration when visibility changes


  • Fixed an issue where the exported useAsyncDebounce method would crash if its promise throw an error.


  • A maintenance release, purely intended to update the @latest tag (which was overwritten by a v6 publish)


  • Fixed an issue where column.clearSortBy would crash


  • reducerHandlers has been deprecated in favor of the new stateReducers hook.
    • The previousState and instanceRef are now both generally available in state reducers for convenience.
    • The global action property action.instanceRef has been deprecated.
  • The reducer option has been renamed to stateReducer and in addition to passing a single reducer function now also supports passing an array of reducers
  • Renamed manualSorting to be manualSortBy to be consistent with other naming conventions
  • Removed the getResetPageDeps option in favor of the new autoResetPage option.
  • Removed the getResetFilterDeps option in favor of the new autoResetFilters option.
  • Removed the getResetSortByDeps option in favor of the new autoResetSortBy option.
  • Removed the getResetGroupByDeps option in favor of the new autoResetGroupBy option.
  • Removed the getResetExpandedDeps option in favor of the new autoResetExpanded option.
  • Added a new exported utility called useAsyncDebounce to aid with external async side-effects.
  • A new useGetLatest hook is used internally to track latest instances in a less ref-driven and verbose way.
  • A new useMountedLayoutEffect hooks is now used internally to handle post-mount side-effects, mostly dealing with autoReset functionality
  • Plugin hooks are now "consumed" using an internal useConsumeHookGetter hook. When they are consumed, they can no longer be manipulated past that point in the table lifecycle. This should help ensure people are using them in a relatively safe order with consistent expectations.
  • Drastically "reduced" the reducer logic itself to be easier to understand and to be a stable reference for the life of the table. This change also means that the reducer must no longer be double-run/back-compared by React for changes in closure, thus actions and stateReducers (including user state reducers) will only fire once per action.
  • Removed debug and related logging. It has been somewhat useful during development, but is now very noisy in the code. We can debug lifecycle and performance as needed from here on out.
  • Removed unnecessary exports from ./utils.js and moved all intentionally exported utilities to a new ./publicUtils.js file.


  • Minor regex optimizations during row path creation


  • Added the support for the Footer renderer, column.getFooterProps, footerGroups and footerGroup.getFooterProps


  • Added the useColumnVisibility plugin as a core plugin along with several new instance and column-level methods to control column visibility
  • Added the "column-hiding" example


  • Added the useControlledState option, which allows for hook-context control of the resolved internal table state


  • Fixed an issue where the table would crash if useSortBy was reset via the resetSortBy action
  • Updated all of the examples to use the "react-table@latest" tag.
  • utils is no longer an exported variable and instead, all of the individual util methods are exported at the root level of the library.


  • Fixed an issue where useRowState would crash due to invalid initial state of previous cell state on columnId lookup


  • Changed selectedRowIds to use a Set() instead of an array for performance.
  • Removed types and related files from the repo. The community will now maintain types externally on Definitely Typed


  • The internal useMain hook has been renamed to useInstance
  • The internal useBeforeDimensions hook has been renamed to useInstanceBeforeDimensions
  • Fixed an issue where useResizeColumns wasn't working properly


  • Fixed an issue where useRowState would crash due to invalid initial state attempting to spread into the new state


  • Removed deprecated defaultState export


  • Internals have been reworked to use useReducer instead of useState for stability and architecture
  • The state option has been removed in favor of using a custom reducer
  • The reducer option has been changed to a new function signature: function (newState, action, oldState) => newState
  • The setState table instance method is no longer supported
  • The dispatch table instanced method was added
  • The ReactTable.actions export is now a plain object of action types mapped to identically named action strings
  • The ReactTable.reducerHandlers export was added, which is a plain object of plugin hook names mapped to their respective reducer functions


  • Added an isAggregated boolean parameter to the aggregate function signature


  • Removed service workers from examples
  • Fixed a memory leak when instance was referenced in function closures
  • Fixed an issue where the table would infinitely rerender due to incorrect effect dependencies
  • Fixed an issue where row grouping and row selection would not work properly together.


  • Fixed an issue where defaultGetResetPageDeps was using data instead of rows


  • Removed
    • disablePageResetOnDataChange option. use the getResetPageDeps option now.
  • Added
    • getResetPageDeps option
    • getResetFilterDeps option
    • getResetSortByDeps option
    • getResetGroupByDeps option
    • getResetExpandedDeps option


  • Added options
    • defaultCanSort
    • defaultCanFilter
    • defaultCanGroupBy
    • column.defaultCanSort
    • column.defaultCanFilter
    • column.defaultCanGroupBy
  • Renamed
    • disableGrouping to disableGroupBy
    • disableSorting to disableSortBy
    • disableGroupBy to disableGroupBy
    • column.disableGrouping to column.disableGroupBy
    • column.disableSorting to column.disableSortBy
    • column.disableGroupBy to column.disableGroupBy
  • Removed propType definitions. Since types are now being maintained, it makes little sense to also maintain these. Cooincidentally, this also saves some bundle size in some scenarios where they may not be removed properly by a developer's bundler.


  • Massive changes to the entire project and library. Please consult the README and documentation for more information regarding these changes.


Fixes & Optimizations

  • Since resolveData is now capable of materializing data on it's own, the data prop is no longer required as a prop-type.


Fixes & Optimizations

  • Only run resolveData prop when data prop has changed, not any others.


Fixes & Optimizations

  • Allow the resolveData prop to alter or materialize new data when the data prop changes.


Fixes & Optimizations

  • Updated eslint and code formatting


Fixes & Optimizations

  • Now passes column to getResizerProps (#667)
  • NOTE: getResizerProps is now only called if the column is resizable
  • Fixes the className ordering in defaultProps for ThComponent (#673)
  • NOTE: user supplied classNames now come at the end so they can extend the defaults


Fixes & Optimizations

  • Fix Prop types for columns


Fixes & Optimizations

  • Fix the rest of the proptypes


Fixes & Optimizations

  • getPropTypes proptype check


Fixes & Optimizations

  • eslint-config moved to dev deps



New Features

  • Expose page/pageSize to rows/cells
  • Supply sort direction to custom sort methods

Fixes & Optimizations

  • README updates
  • Linter cleanup
  • Added PropTypes node module
  • Deps, linting and style upgrades


Fixes & Optimizations

  • moved repo to react-tools
  • Doc examples moved to
  • README updates
  • CSS refacting for rt-tfoot to match rt-thead
  • CSS more specific for input and select


Fixes & Optimizations

  • onClick proxying and eslint


New Features

  • Provide onClick handleOriginal function - #406

Fixes & Optimizations

  • README updates
  • makePathArray in utils - #326
  • Various fixes: #294, #376, #398, #415,


Fixes & Optimizations

  • defaultExpanded now works correctly - #372
  • column.getProps().rest props are now applied correctly
  • makeTemplateComponent now supports displayName - #289


New Features
  • column.filterAll - defaults to false, but when set to true will provide the entire array of rows to filterMethod as opposed to one row at a time. This allows for more fine-grained filtering using any method you can dream up. See the Custom Filtering example for more info.


New Features
  • PadRowComponent - the content rendered inside of a padding row. Defaults to a react component that renders &nbsp;


New Features
  • defaultSortDesc - allows you to set the default sorting direction for all columns to descending.
  • column.defaultSortDesc - allows you to set the default sorting direction for a specific column. Falls back to the global defaultSortDesc when not set at all.


New Features
  • New Renderers:
    • Aggregated - Custom renderer for aggregated cells
    • Pivot - Custom renderer for Pivoted Cells (utilizes Expander and PivotValue)
    • PivotValue - Custom renderer for Pivot cell values (deprecates the undocumented pivotRender option)
    • Expander - Custom renderer for Pivot cell Expander
  • Added custom sorting methods per table via defaultSortMethod and per column via column.sortMethod
  • Pivot columns are now visibly separate and sorted/filtered independently.
  • Added column.resizable to override global table resizable option for specific columns.
  • Added column.sortable to override global table sortable option for specific columns.
  • Added column.filterable to override global table filterable option for specific columns.
  • Added defaultExpanded table option.
  • All callbacks can now be utilized without needing to hoist and manage the piece of state they export. That is what their prop counterparts are for, so now the corresponding prop is used instead of the callback to detect a "fully controlled" state.
  • Prevent transitions while column resizing for a smoother resize effect.
  • Disable text selection while resizing columns.
Breaking API Changes
  • New Renderers:
    • Cell - deprecates and replaces render
    • Header - deprecates and replaces header
    • Footer - deprecates and replaces footer
    • Filter- deprecates and replaces filterRender
  • Callbacks now provide the destination state as the primary parameter(s). This makes hoisting and controlling the state in redux or component state much easier. eg.
    • onSorting no longer requires you to build your own toggle logic
    • onResize no longer requires you to build your own resize logic
  • Renamed onChange callback -> onFetchData which will always fire when a new data model needs to be fetched (or if not using manual, when new data is materialized internally).
  • Renamed filtering -> filtered
  • Renamed sorting -> sorted
  • Renamed expandedRows -> expanded
  • Renamed resizing -> resized
  • Renamed defaultResizing -> defaultResized
  • Renamed defaultFiltering -> defaultFiltered
  • Renamed defaultSorting -> defaultSorted
  • Renamed onSortingChange -> onSortedChange
  • Renamed onFilteringChange -> onFilteredChange
  • Renamed onResize -> onResizedChange
  • Renamed onExpandRow -> onExpandedChange
  • Renamed showFilters -> filterable
  • Renamed hideFilter -> filterable (Column option. Note the true/false value is now flipped.)
  • cellInfo.row and rowInfo.row now reference the materialize data for the table. To reference the original row, use cellInfo.original and rowInfo.original
  • Removed pivotRender column option. You can now control how the value is displayed by overriding the PivotValueComponent or the individual column's PivotValue renderer. See Pivoting Options Story for a reference on how to customize pivot column rendering.